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In October 2017 I’ve started to create sport designs of American football players as a hobby. Very soon a few friends were impressed and asked for designs with other football, soccer, baseball, basketball athletes. In December 2017 my artworks were displayed at Capital Mall in Olympia, WA and it was a blast, they were so appreciated and now… about one year later is routine… constantly creating new artworks, receiving requests from clients all over United States.  

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In order to celebrate the beggining or 2019 properly, I thought that it will not be a bad idea to do some celebrity designs like Elon Musk, Ellen DeGeneres, Cardi B, Michelle Obama, Stevie Ray Vaugh, Joe Rogan and many others. What celebrity should I do next?

At every event I participated, at least one person asked for Super Heroes… and sure, Why not? Before Christmas 2018 I have created a Thor design for Alex, a friend’s kid… when seeing that, another one asked for a Hulk design for his kid… a beginning of a new category in my shop.