100% Custom Print on Vintage Dictionary Pages

100% Custom Print on Vintage Dictionary Pages

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These are perfect gifts for your loved one or for yourself

Please check out our new 100% personalized gift idea:

How it works?

1). Send us a digital portrait of the person you want to appear in the design. 2). Tell us your vision about the final result or at least something that represents the subject(example: He likes beer or she likes unicorns…  

3). After having these, I will transform the photo received from you in a unique piece of art ready to shine on a wall. Every photo manipulation has an original touch of sparkles for a 3D effect.

Please email the files and all the requests to tiberio.photography@hotmail.com . In case the photos size is too large for being emailed, please use www.wetransfer.com ... they allow uploads up to 2GB


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