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Websites done by Tiberio:

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Canyon Park Centers

Adult Family Centers in Bothell, WA and Kenmore, WA

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Grazie Chocolat

Artisan Fudge and Gourmet Candies in Lacey, WA


Twister Donuts

Donuts shop in Olympia, WA

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Lopez Landscaping

Landscaping Business in Brementon, WA





Every client of mine gets a custom job done.…

How it works?

We’ll have to meet and decide the structure of the website… how many sections and which information should be assigned to each sub-section. A good/catchy website should contain photos of the facility, of the guests and different activities… If you already have professional photos taken and you are ok with their quality, we can use them on the website. In case you want new photos to be taken, we can schedule a photo session capturing all the relevant information and details. The resulted photos will be at the highest resolution quality. Each photo is edited individually for reaching the optimal quality over a premium product that you offer. - please scroll down for some photo samples -

Presentation videos are very important too. Nowadays videos are way more attractive then photos. A professional presentation video of the facility can be done at request. - please scroll down for watching some video samples -

Both photos and the video are photographed and filmed with professional equipment. I have more then 8 year experience in photography and over 4 in professional/commercial videography… Over 10 years experience in Photoshop and 5 years in Final Cut Pro X. I’ve had three presentations in the last two years speaking about photography and videography in front of professional photographers at Olympia Camera Club and Capital High School.

Based on a few questions answered by you, I will create a short story blending facts, your abilities, experience... with some metaphors… posted on the website. I did a lot of research about Adult Family Home websites and from my experience, it has to be easy to use, intuitive, good looking, clean and informative. I can reach these targets/objectives!

A permanent maintenance of the website is available at your request. Lets take some situations. 1)In case your website is down and becomes not accessible for the visitor, you’ll not have to go through the hassle of make it online, call to the host customer service, settings on the insides of the website etc. 2) Every time you want something to be added, edited, deleted on the website… I will do it in maximum 24 hours, you just have to let me know what your intentions are and I will make it reality. If you want, I can/will show you how to do all this.

I am not targeting mediocrity, I wish always to surpass your expectations! ‘‘OK’’ is not enough… ‘‘GREAT’’ sounds better! 360 890 9734



  • How long it takes to have the website done?

Maximum 14 days

  • How much time it takes to do the photo session and video presentation of the facility?

Best case scenario… about two hours.

  • How much it will cost the photos and the videos?

The photos of the entire facility costs $350. The presentation video costs $250( Full HD) or $400 (4K)

  • How much is the website?

To create a custom website the price starts at $700. The platform hosting fee is $200/year (this money goes to the hosting website… I pay the exact amount for this website). In case you want a permanent maintenance of the website a $35/month fee // prepay $300/year

  • Have you created other business websites?

Canyon Park Adult Living Centers Inc. -

Twister Donuts Olympia -

Lopez Landscaping -