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“A good photograph keeps a moment from running away”

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Everything in my current life started from PHOTOGRAPHY. While living in Venice, Italy I had the chance too meet great photographers from all over the world who introduced me in this charming world. I was excited, curios and willing to learn. Venezia is living art, I was experiencing my first steps in photography in a place full of history, legends, art, amazing architecture… I was so lucky. At this point I was working in the most charming boutique hotel in Venice ( AD Place Charming Hotel) and being so addicted of photography, I was ‘‘recruiting’’ my hotel guest for photo shootings. I had a 2 in 1 job and it was so fun. Proposals were my favorite shoots but I offered my services to couples and families from all over the world targeting always THE PERFECTION. Over 10 years experience on two continents, hundred of satisfied clients, tenth of projects, a few live presentations about photography for professional and amateur photographers, adaptability in all kind of situations and creativity… make me YOUR perfect ‘‘tool’’ for ALL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC NEEDS.

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Website Creator

NEED A WEBSITE for your business or a personal one? Look no further. How about having a custom, original, unique website in just 14 days? Yes, you read right… in ONLY TWO WEEKS. As a website without good photos worth nothing, I can provide a complete professional photo session focused on your particular photographic needs… restaurant dish photos, product photography, real estate photography, adult family homes photography… Total flexibility in case you don’t want to deal with the process… or if you have a vision on the final look.


My Artworks

In October 2017 I’ve started to create sport designs of American football players as a hobby. Very soon a few friends were impressed and asked for designs with other football, soccer, baseball, basketball athletes. In December 2017 my artworks were displayed at Capital Mall in Olympia, WA and it was a blast, they were so appreciated and now… about one year later is routine… constantly creating new artworks, receiving requests from clients all over United States, reinventing the modern handmade sport artworks.

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Reaching an elevated level in PHOTOGRAPHY made me want more… In 2015 I started to try doing a professional video and I was blown away of the complexity of the process… from shooting the video, mounting, editing, the post production process… I felt like I had to go further and further I went more fun it became. Gaining experience in the last years, I am continuously improving my techniques and updating my professional gear. I’ve documented Shows, Events, County fairs… filmed Baptisms, Private parties, Corporate events… did a few ‘‘State Farm’’ Commercials, presentation videos for different businesses…

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Graphic Designer

Having over 10 years experience in Photoshop and other professional softwares, I am constantly helping small businesses with creative marketing ideas, custom graphics and promotional solutions at the highest quality level. Grow your business without moving a finger, just let me know your expectations, visions and ideas and I will make it reality: CUSTOM Banners, Business Cards, One Way Signs, Car Magnets, Presentation Folders, Restaurant Menus, Flyers, Retractable banners… and many more.

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Airbrush Artist





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